Curved penis disease



The male anatomy presents many variants in his penis and many are not that strange or rare. Penis changes in length, width and more all according to each man. One of the most searched words on the internet are “the curved penis”. Some because of curiosity one others because they want to know their body or that of their partner.
What is the curved or bent penis also called, twisted or crooked? As you may imagine, it’s a penis with a curvature that has two explanations:

Genetic curvature. As you already know, there are differences, some men have a straight penis while others have it with some curvature. Those who have it twisted, as teens suffer psychologically or are afraid what the girls would think about it. When start looking photos of other men or see their friends and check that they not like the others they often become self-conscious, avoid relationships with women to avoid being the focus of ridicules and shame is usually the winning side. These kids grow up with the problem and due to the lack of information on the subject, do not go to a doctor for a checkup and never learn the normality of their situation and how to deal with what they consider a deformation.

Peyronie’s disease. It is also known as fibrous cavernitis or penile plastic induration. In this case, the penis takes the curvature when the man is an adult and is accompanied by several problems:
– It is very painful especially at the beginning and when the penis is erected.
– It often prevents vaginal penetration, and if it happens is painful for women.
– The member allows no flexibility, since one side by the outer fabric becomes like a scar, pulling that part while preventing their mobility.

This penis disease has a serious psychological effect on men, and because it almost always appears suddenly, without warning, one morning you wake up with a curved penis and will remain like this forever. If you are a man and you have shame to meet new people and have sex on the first contact, you can always choose to meet someone and have long conversations via the Internet at you will meet someone who understands your problem.
Peyronie’s disease has been studied, discovering different causes:
– Damage to the internal cavity of the penis where there has been bleeding. That bleeding continues and forms a kind of knot of hard consistency that is the reason for the downward curvature that cannot be flexible.
– Excessive manipulation of the penis, especially when the man masturbates more than the usual if there is such thing.

-There are many techniques that can be applied to men willing to eradicate this fold which is so damaging for their self-esteem. If you suffer from this problem, do not hesitate to see a doctor and find more out about this disease its consequences and possible solutions.

Flavored sexual fantasies

That sight, touch, hearing and smell are an increasing delight during sex, is nothing new, but the excitement coming with appetizing flavors and at the same time satisfying your appetite it is new. For your delight these treats and sexual fantasies, are a captivating experience and very exciting and at the same time, tasty and flavorful. Edible underwear today is the perfect gift that set the trend last Valentine’s day. Bras, underpants ready to be eaten. The novelty is also in their designs, among which you may choose size, styles and flavors.

stawb w choc

Thongs flavored with chocolate, strawberry, spirits and even strawberries with champagne!, A delight during sex that will raise even those inhibited. Candy and gummies (not bears by the way) also join this sweetness as it fills the mouth with more than sexual pleasure but passion that cannot resist when both partners enjoy it, one while his lips on her skin finds all edible, and her, when she feels like every pore in her skin is dilated with both eroticism and sensuality.

There are also sex toys that can be eaten. The penis-shaped lollipops flavored strawberry and wine, just a delight!, Luscious gummies shaped as boobs or lips, you will want to kiss them first and then slowly nibble.
Sexual fantasies with added flavor have proven to be more fun as the foreplay arouse more passion. Try it yourself I dare you to eat your girlfriend‘s thong or her gummy breasts when you’re home alone. Let’s taste it, and remember there is no sex difference and they are delicious..

Romantic but active in bed

Who is not looking forward to date this romantic, crazy, seemingly loving guy that tells you “honey or babyand promises “the best date of your life” well, there is nothing new here. Who among us can resist this charming guy?

I would too: a handsome, loving and promising to “make us happy” man, is not to waste the opportunity, but assured that this meek lamb will come out in private with sharp claws!

romantic but good in bed

When you go on a blind date, you need to know what this man is really thinking. First of all, if you are not convinced going on a blind date or if you do not distinguish his true intentions, there are several things you can do:
– Never say where you live.
– Mix subtle suggestions in the conversation like; you are not alone, like that you have a father, brother or friend near who cares about you. All men in the end are cowards and are afraid of another man who comes to defend women.

-Never lock the doors, no matter where you are meeting.
– Be prepared to stop anything you do not like, or you think is going over your top, stop it quickly.
– Let your friends know where you are going, tell them how he looks like and as much information as possible about him


Cases of sexual violence in relationships have happened on many occasions, but this does not mean that they all are same. Moreover, many of those who have tried to do what a girl do not want and have been stopped immediately, actually stopped. So, be very clear on what you want, do not continue and you will see all ends fine.

Another good advice, if you meet someone in websites like take your time to know him better, this loving and accommodating guy that promises heaven while having sex. Will gradually become the “real” him and if you do not like it, erase him from your contacts. But if you like it, then go for it and have fun.

Overcoming pathological jealousy

Known or suspected, it does not matter. If you feel a jealousy that do not allow you to enjoy your life with your partner, you have to leave sooner that circle that keeps you from breathing. Because that is, to be able to breathe freely and think about other things in life that are neither your mind nor your aspirations because of fears of losing your partner. Jealousy are the vampires that suck to reason and see things with a different profile. On a separate matter, is an over-reliance by the person who is only considered your property, like a car, a house, or a jewel. Furthermore, it is the emotional dependence to think that without that other being, life is impossible.


Lost values become jealous tiny social beings, they become less and devoid of any positive thoughts. Cease to be effective at school or work, lose friends, they become fearful of everything around them and are, among other things, unable to enjoy anything in life. Not a vacation trip or a movie, or a party or a fancy dinner, everything loses interest to the person with obsessive jealousy.

Pathological jealousy is easily acquired. If not controlled on time, every day they become more harmful and less likely to eradicate, except with specific counseling and therapies. They are considered a very serious disease that affects the psyche and maybe all organs of the body, but by attacking the brain become more invasive.

At the slightest sign of jealousy gone out of control, seek professional assistance immediately, there is no way to go back to being a responsible and active person to enjoy life with family or  between you and your partner, getting rid of this invasive disease, the sooner the better.

Two sexual techniques that never fail.

keep the fire in sex

If you want to feel double the pleasure during sex test these techniques, Latinhook recommended by users.

The first is the KING OUT. It turns out the more technical “virgin” but also the most spirited. The King Out ​​are only allowed kisses and caresses. This technique will make them crazy light all the fire you carry inside and be virtually impossible to stop.
The second technique is the sexual PRECOP. Sound familiar phrase This is my friend with benefits.” Well Precop is to define the right kind of friends that term. They are people who have a relationship besides friendship and tell all your secrets to share a link carnal. They merely have sex under the agreement of both people in the decision not to build any loving symptom.
They are two great methods of achieving a full and rich life sexual creativity, not let the monotony you done with you.

I am unoriginal in sex


bean good at sex

Here we present an ideal opportunity to make love and enjoy both equally posture. No need to own a stunning acrobatic techniques but certain physical condition.
The name of the position is Fire of Life.
Follow the steps:
Her: Sit on the edge of the table.
Him: Stay in front of it with slightly bowed legs.
Her: Hang on to your neck and legs enzymes raises her shoulders.
Him: Hold on to your butt and get moving to the beat that you like.
The sensations you will feel amazing in this position you will repeat the evening.

The cigarette afterwards.


A time ends fucking not forget the feelings that made you feel this couple before starting sex. That butterflies in the stomach, nervousness, apprehension, attraction, lust, heat

Cigarrette after love
At the end of the day we are all equal and all people like to feel the same sensations. Although we do not want, all human beings are made of the same stuff and just feeling the same to one degree or another. For this reason , when you finish making love with someone you have senses all those feelings is comforting to continue the pampering , caressing , kissing and all loving gestures. This behavior will cause end the date with a very good taste and it sure is repeated.
Possibly the nature of women is more delicate and subtle than man, more appreciate why these little details. Also reflects an attention from the man who shows his affection, education and respect.
What do you prefer to end on a sweet smelling mouth or snuff?

Love at the first message

Cupid does not always point in the same direction and with the same post.
The forms of establishing romantic relationships evolve. Now more effective and works best is part of an online network without scams, in which people in it looking the same as you.
There is a great variety, but if you find a particular type of relationship that is purely sexual, sporadic, lesbian, your contact is Latinhook .
Here are some tips for feeling that arises in the first message you send him or her.
Let me see your softer side. Start the conversation with a casual greeting and some smiley emoticons. Never talk to that person like you know her whole life, since first of all exists respect and education. Show your most sensual side but in a very subtle, indirect work well to catch the more playful side of people.
Avoid capital letters, exclamation points and of course try to write without spelling mistakes.

Get in Love