Extra Charm in women over size


charm in over size

If I want a woman who is pretty well to take her to bed , I’m sure that will not seek those seemingly hot chicks , but worn under clothing few implants such as breasts or buttocks .
On the other hand, a girl undress before us brings us to touch the body at all is a pleasure to caress without any sharp bends or ” natural” bump. There goes the extra size girls are gaining more and more acceptance among us tired play chopsticks .
For you to have an idea of what they are usually charming , I leave a list of fabulous , modern and beautiful girls that are great to go to bed with them :
Robyn Lawley . It is a beautiful model catwalks for extra size , a supermodel who has posed for several prestigious magazines like Vogue and Italian version for Elle.
Justine Gault . In 2013 he starred in a session of lovely Elle erotic photos which showed that this beautiful blonde will have the most famous of all curves.
Aslhey Uripita . Luce notched his well dressed without fear see her wide hips , her fat thighs and wider waist than usual models. It is a brunette who challenges men just to look through a photo, I love it.
Candice Huffine . Several magazines have had as a cover for their magazines for which has not cut a minute in nude wearing that see what you have left .
Tara Lynn. Here there is also an all glamorous with beautiful thighs and wide hips , gorgeous woman doing with your body what you want because your curves are going well . At this point the value , if we remember as Elle Magazine in 2002 described it as “the body.”

Benefits of sex


Have you ever heard someone need to get laid? I have, my friends say it often to refer to some of us with bad mood. And thinking about it they are absolutely right!
When you don’t have sex in days, suddenly you start having headaches or some part of the body is having problems, laughter vanishes from your face, we become lazy, we lack of incentives and nothing stimulates us. If I’m wrong please tell me, but I’m sure I’m on the right track.

When you have sex and I mean sex between two or more people, and not masturbation, the heart races so intensely that stimulates circulation and the blood vessels feel how it runs freely throughout the body. With this information alone is sufficient for the body to feel that need to revitalize the whole thing, but there’s more.

Incredibly, all the pain we feel, whether of body or soul, diminish or disappears by having sex with someone you really like. This happens because the pleasure hormones known as endorphins soar and replace the other causing pain and negative feelings. And still not finished, there’s more.

celos patologicos

If you want to try, I invite you to do a test. Every morning when you get to work, look at your teammates. You will notice one day those who are more serious or sullen, arrive with a smile that betrays them they had sex! There will be other arriving more sullen or moody than other days , it seems that last night nothing happened for them and they are  sad and disappointed. Be sure to do this, you’ll see that I’m right.

How to attract a girl

Being a handsome man is not enough for a girl to be interested in you. She may look at you, smile at and even blink her eye at you. These are signs that she likes you as a man and they (women) see it as a stimulus to their eyes because they like to watch the beauty around them. They are, How to say this? Different from us!
For us (men), it is enough to be interested in a girl and imagine her naked on our bed or anywhere, how cool! This is the man’s psyche. Let see the female psyche as a couple.
For a man to be worthy to go with a girl by the arm and take her to bed, they need to show:
romantic but good in bed

Attractive appearance. Being a clean and groomed, well dressed, use deodorant, wear manly scent but not too much, shoes clean and shiny if possible and a beard no more than three days long, which, by the way, is today’s most sexy sign of masculinity.


Demonstrate independence. Independent men do not need (or so it seems at first sight) a female partner. Their needs seem to be different. They show charisma, self-esteem and want to be winners, no doubt girls want this guy as a couple. Even if you’re a great guy that girls like you on the streets, girls like to have a guy with confidence to feel secure in your world with you.

Flirting today it is becoming difficult for many of us, follow these tips and you’ll see it works.

Things you like about yourself

Without having to ask your guy what you like about you, you must have a clear idea of what men look for in us. Knowing your priorities form our own battle to have that yearning and not stay on the tail of the snake about conquests.
Take note, it is not difficult:

A girl cheerful, spontaneous, with a lot of charisma to everyone, able to learn to talk with her and show that you can really have a great time any time. Otherwise, the quiet girl, dodge, uncommunicative, not attracted to men.

perfect body

– An enviable appearance, able to turn his head to pass by. Here comes the same hair, height, waist, eyes, face, everything I do see you as beautiful sigh that makes any party, or on the beach, whatever. A lot of them are cool your sexy girl is good to be the envy of other men who are not interested in the look but would envy itself is what’s sought.


– An active girl socially, is a student or you work in a place of good-looking, you earn a decent salary, which is embroiled in meetings and prestigious jobs or educational activities, and although sometimes you a little bit of jealousy prefer these the obscured active girls.

As seen sporting sexy tipazo well. Legs, chest and pronounced well defined waist makes them live a mental orgasm when takes you by the hand down the street. In addition, you also feel like you are not jealous and modern guys leverages that predilection to wear that Topless and bring clothes that you know you is perfect and provocative. You know, feel free to dress up, they do not feel self-conscious to take off, just the opposite.

Fire in the bed. If all the above attributes queens with all the mischief that you know will take hold and the accelerated pace in bed, you have at your feet forever.

Two sexual techniques that never fail.

techniques creativity

If you want to feel double the pleasure during sex test these techniques, Latinhook recommended by users.
The first is the KING OUT. It turns out the more technical “virgin but also the most spirited. The King Out ​​are only allowed kisses and caresses. This technique will make them crazy light all the fire you carry inside and be virtually impossible to stop.
The second technique is the sexual PRECOP. Sound familiar phrase This is my friend with benefits.Well PRECOP is to define the right kind of friends that term. They are people who have a relationship besides friendship and tell all your secrets to share a link carnal. They merely have sex under the agreement of both people in the decision not to build any loving symptom.
They are two great methods of achieving a full and rich life sexual creativity, not let the monotony you done with you.

Physical deficiencies among the famous


perfect buddy

Looking great on the catwalks or on the red carpets is what makes our planet’s most famous women to wear expensive, original costumes to show their true feminine attributes. Some of them have incredible bodies, and is by showing slender legs and tiny sizes, amazing hairstyles, zero tummy even if they have to be crammed into three girdles to look thinner than a noodle and having so little breasts that sometimes is the cause of their lack of glamour before the flash of photographers.

Keira Knightley has a slim figure and almost nonexistent breasts. Really, though to strive to look as attractive as possible, sometimes she is overshadowed by their lack of curves and other parts of your anatomy that does not possess. A little volume would make her look more attractive but it seems that she has no advice from anybody at all. She has no idea that a little bit more “something” would make her sexy. As she walks across the red carpet like the very Marilyn Monroe, all sensuality and eroticism.

Another example is Paris Hilton. Without doubt, the most posh girl in the world, is a beautiful girl no doubt but as she lacks the sympathy of probably 70% of people on the planet. The reason? Boasting of her millions, her wild life and that special glamour. Come on, this has a name and we have well-defined, it’s called “envy”. While jealousy progresses, she is showed more and more on the media, although she shows her small tits with beautiful clothes and is always perfect.


Famous people recurred to a surgery to have perfect buddy

Majority of famous people recurred to a surgery to make a perfect buddy, change nose, color hair and even there name to gate to the glory of fame.

Attractive, hairstyles, expensive cloth, perfect teeth, perfect tummy