Like many women have been educated under strict sexual behavior, dating or erotic exchange of messages on the Internet is the best way to lose that shame still left in many females.
When a self-conscious woman places her profile on a contact page, are looking for a little spice to your life and seasoning is not wrong. It is the best way to say it all you want, receive messages of all kinds as are the faces, and shows all the hidden morbidity is as appetizing as any dish. Facilities that provide women inhibited by this route is hence also learn how the world is sex while have been illiterate for years, many exciting words raise the temperature on sex, which practices are most common and which most daring and to learn to let go solo after manipulating her body and down to warm up masturbation.
Everything is made by the networks will be anonymous if you try, you learn a lot about sex and start to see your sex life other than a few years ago was banned, today is milk search hidden networks uncover the shame you felt you just have to seize your opportunity.

Not sleeping enough can make you fat.

Not only the body does not get enough rest if you sleep less hours than you need, there are other imminent danger; fattening.

not sliping


The reason is that not enough sleep, the body start showing weariness, tiredness and lack of motivation. Most of those who suffer these consequences turn to energy drinks, and pastries to gain calories and energy, but this comes with a remarkable consequence. At first it seems that stimulates, but almost immediately the downturn arrives and again, eating (kind a junk food) and drinking high amount of calories starts again for the need to stay active and awake.

The body knows that something is missing, the person suffering insomnia do not realize what can be, and starts searching for fast food which seems to be normal, well not exactly. When you are in need of rest even sex is no longer enjoyable because the lack energy.

If you suffer from insomnia, do not forget this tip and use natural juices, tea, and above all, light and healthy snacks, otherwise you will regret it .


It’s always a pleasure for men to have the girl on top during sex! No one will say no to this position, he laying facing up and, she like riding on his pelvis!

There are two advantages of this position: The first, the penis penetrates better into the vagina and I that is not all, it penetrates all the way! and women feels inside how the head of the penis pushes and produces this pleasant kind of pain that turns them so much.
The second is that men can see the woman’s body and face; the excitement in her eyes, her figure right there showing all her attributes. Hips and breasts moving from one place to another and up and down.

This position is great for both as them enjoy it as a couple. The orgasm comes with a lot more excitement for both, to try it today! you will find that every time you will want more and more!

Change the monotony

If you want to surprise your partner in bed just slightly modify the traditional stance of “missionary”. With this simple change you will notice the difference and increase the pleasure of both.
The man is positioned on all fours, where the hands are spaced at a distance of a meter or so, and the legs remain together. Then the woman should be placed under the man’s body. So, it will grasp your partner a hug as if it were so that when climbing up the pelvis penetration is raised.
In this case, the woman should have a moderate fitness, have enough strength to lift his body.

How are bisexual men

Men and women live bisexual experiences with the same intensity as heterosexuals do with their partners, they are happy keeping this duality and many state they are the best in bed.

The reason for this statement is attributed to that they are able to know what they want during intercourse, with both men and women.

Men are very discreet, specially to express their bisexual condition, to the point that many want to enjoy it but not dare to enjoy this experience openly, either for fear of not being accepted by one man who likes or fear that society condemns their preference.
Still, cases of male bisexuality among them are true.


Single or married man:

Find attractive the male body with the same erotic intensity that sees the female body. Although not to live that experience, has in his erotic fantasies until one day manages to manifest and enjoy it.

Single Man.
Attractive, sexy, modern, performing any kind of work. Either a construction worker, firefighter, computer systems, or any other job makes him the center of attraction for females and easily conquer women. Discreetly, also has relationships with guys who are usually the most attractive and likes to push the boundaries of the sexual relationship. Sometimes share with liberal groups of both sexes where there are no rules for the exchange, everything is done to individual taste and is the time when you can unleash your desires.

Married man.

Maintains its image of man at home, have children and is an example for his family, however, is capable of having a stable homosexual relationship discreetly or go to clubs where he can find guys that allows him casual one night stands.

Single male prostitute.

Lately, there is a kind of guy that has exploded in society, is very attractive, handsome and wears designer clothes. He have sex with rich gay partners that keep him a regular partner. In such cases, he is looking to live well without economic problems, sometimes are attracted to fame and show their homosexuality openly, but they are always looking for girls to start a relationship. They may have a hidden couples (female), because deep down they like girls better.


Either masculine or feminine appearance, everyone knows he is homosexual but he will not pass an opportunity to have sex with women. Also found among gay men we have one with social fear that has a heterosexual relationship to maintain his place socially acceptable. Women who have a gay partner sometimes suspect he is gay but sometimes they do not have a clue.


Breaking up with an ironic guy


I recently met a handsome, smart, polite an apparently great guy with excellent aspect. You know that perfect guy we all always dreamed of having as a couple. Apparently, it was the best boyfriend I had met throughout my life, until I found his big flaw.

The days went by and after some flirting about going or not to bed for the first time, which proved what I already imagined, pure awesome sex, I discovered a facet of his character that got me thinking. He was wildly ironic. He said only a small comment with that slight mockery and in that instant I knew how life would be with someone like him.


I will tell you how I found about it and why I decided to end the relationship. I am convinced and this is just me, that being ironic is the worst flaw you can allow your partner.


The Christmas present I gave him was a Guess watch, which by the way I could not afford to pay every day, but I still thought it was worth it. I paid almost 300 Dollars, a luxury for me at the time. You know what was his reaction? He looked at it with some disdain and said very slightly, “It’s nice, did you get it in china town?And I was like what????, did not know what to say, I wanted to explain that it was a good brand although it was not a Swiss watch, but it was pointless, I knew I had failed with the gift.

Second time in bed. After a great session, I fell asleep and when I woke up he was looking at me, lying next to me with his phone in one hand looking at me with tenderness and there was a smile on his face while I was opening my eyes and then he said, Wow you really snore!!, Do you know how loud are you?” And then he showed me (laughing) a video that he shot while I was sleeping so I could hear my snoring.

I think these two examples suffice to understand that the situation was not easy at all. Mocking about the gift, my finances, my way to sleep, I mean it is impossible to avoid snoring. I took the decision right there, break up!. It damaged my dignity, I had to leave his side as soon as possible before the damage was irreversible.