Tips for driving your girl

cold like ice

If sometimes your girl is colder than ice and you look like a volcano about to explode, you have to play several letters to provoke erotic desires and take sex as soon as possible. These tips might help you in times of stress:
Kissing you behind your neck while you grab her by the waist.
Convey fingers gently over her lips and look provocatively.
Shower and bath salt wet wrapped the small towel with only the pelvis.
Go to the fridge and looking for an ice cream, candy or fruit that you really like. Bring it to where you are and make you eat little bits of your hands as you look with desire.
Prepare drinks favorite drink of both.
Ask her to see a very sexy movie.
– Become the disengaged and calling by mobile to a loving friend.
If all else fails, grab your wallet and give her two tickets 100 euros for those shoes that you liked so much in the store, buy. My friend, this is the last resort, but I assure you that never fails!

Music and sex

music and sex

Musical instruments can be carried to cause extreme sex between a guy that eager thirst to wallow with you, when you are so clueless in bed or wherever you do sex.
To do this, you just have to think of the musical instrument would you most like to get your hands while you’re naked in the room or just wearing a tunic of gauze and keep in mind that even if you know not to touch it, having him in the hands and try, you can respond to that morbid sexual desire that puts hot.
Guitar. Take it in your hands with the grace of the great artists and let stand, if possible, your breasts over her as desmelenas your hair down.
Sax. The sax has a special charm for sex but their sound is not the most aphrodisiac. But having this tool in your hands while stroking from time to time and you structure your mouthpiece in your mouth will put you to rage, do not hesitate.
Flute. The charm of the flute is in shape, treat it like a sweet, poses lasciviously on your lips your mouth and walk your fingers over it.
Bass. Spectacular, you must see a bass between his legs, while gently with your hands, you let pass the rod through the ropes. The pose requires a mastery of the back and legs, do not hesitate to think of this instrument which is the fantasy for many sexual games.

Tricks of male seduction

Seducing men is worth a thousand tricks to trap women. If you want to survive and maintain your independence, avoid falling into them.
Believe it or not, the male part of the world knows what we want from them, or at least, what we like most of all, and that they pretend is not difficult. Yes, friends, have an amazing ability to lie, therefore, be alert to your relationship.


The seductive man is incredibly perfect. Is gallant, affectionate, makes gifts, going well dressed, invites the best restaurants, converse all know, do not speak ill of women, is responsible and willing to help in whatever. It has a solvent economy, doing sports, has influential friends and wanted to find a girl exactly like you, which looked in a while.
With that profile … no one can resist, of course! But careful, very careful! Lying with frightening ease, just looking to earn in any way and they know that in this way you have on your side.

3 Tips against routine in a couple



In your head hovering some words that express your feelings: monotony, tedium, boredom, apathy, routine.. All lead to the same path, the annihilation of your relationship.
According to some psychologists, is not the show a third person who makes it all go belly up, but this “lady routine” lacerating going slowly and opening gaps where after enter any fresh air.
Stay alert. It is the first key to your partner does not fall into the boredom that destroys everything. You detect the slightest symptom, Strikes in time.
Find new risks, be creative / a. Pigeonhole relationship in the same pattern is the death of sexual desire. Dare to seek new forms of sex, daily life and invents various situations. All got bored though we be good, why change from time to time is positive.
Dare to seek experiences in internet or friends / as. Walking alone with problems is not good because it tends to pigeonhole. Explore how others succeed is a good idea when you do not know way to return to continue the illusion of the couple.


It is not science fiction but it seems when you start your relationship. Will tell you that one day things will change, that where there cuddles and kisses all the time, just be indifference and discouragement seems to be from another planet.
Transported to another dimension that is not anything special, always given at the end of the tunnel, but the love that keeps not be equal. Lying, apathy, lamentation, lost time and death of happiness couples attack every time. The causes are clear, and sometimes it hurts to confess oneself, but boredom kills the most beautiful relationship of love between two is love.

changes 1
Unfortunately, even if solution, we let go, we do not know or do not explore. And we are excited to start this other person so that hides within itself, so you can give, but when you already know everything, when nothing is mystery, the life of the couple is swallowed and passes that other dimension of boredom. The worst boderom is consuming 95% of stable couples that let everyday lies and when you come to think known to have made a big mistake by not withdraw in time.
The solution, according to psychologists, is to not let the relationship and still keep moving, shooing idle time and be creative. Is this so difficult? Apparently so, because the priority is lost and others swell the list of needs.


Women we are aware that our partner has a problem. When the relationship is very close, if you notice the man who is worried or sad, and the reaction is to ask more than once what happens.
Unfortunately, they sometimes, or rather most of the time loa are not expressed with sincerity and repeat ad nauseam that nothing happens, you just tired or something like that. Undoubtedly, what happens is that your partner has a secret he does not want to share with you. There begins an odyssey for you.
The first thing you do, noting the repeated refusal of your partner is to investigate other ways. This is sometimes undesirable, because it can easily find that you walk in his footsteps behind him and what is the reason for that makes you feel uncomfortable to you, is reversed and it is he who feels betrayed.
This double-edged letter has led many couples to break up, because mistrust of women and man’s obsession for insisting that nothing happens, and if you walk bother finding out, turns out to be the pump needed to operate.
Everything depends on the character of the woman or her intelligence to carry out this problem that has arisen between the two, so the advice is to act prudently and not be swayed by momentary instincts.


Many people who fall into depression easily, especially when they have broken a couple who felt together and begin to feel the loneliness and anxiety of abandonment.
The important thing is to give your future expectations. It’s the past that makes you vulnerable, but the days that you live and those to come, be sure of that loneliness. If you dedicate yourself to make plans, to give strength to your coming days with new projects, you will find better support this break , because your mind will be more active and entertaining .
Such plans could be these:
– A long- coveted books.
– Attend various organizations where you know you have related tastes and hobbies in people.
Find almost forgotten friends on social networks.
– Plan and prepare the party of a friend, be a birthday, a bachelorette party, or simply a return after some time away from the city where you live.
– Make arrangements for your home, visit specialty shops to find decorators, gardeners, well, take care to