Sex in the sauna



Hot and close to each other, two key ingredients to make it a memorable moment in the sauna or any place that invites you to relax and enjoy. Taking advantage of being half naked, in close proximity and already laid down make it very easy to have a moment of passion just pace yourself being at 90F with your better half can make you faint!


How to take women to bed


Shy Man

I like to have sex but I am shy… I have heard this line hundreds of times. To score with a girl you need to have certain attributes that’s for sure. You need to take her to your space, tempt her and offer the idea of having fun but you need to make sure she is getting it or all this will be for nothing. Sometimes they are waiting for you to start it, if you don’t, then both will go home empty handed. So don’t be shy or ashamed remember you have nothing to lose. Don’t rush it make her know you have something she likes and both will enjoy it. One more thing, remember that even that girl you never thought about it can give you the best sex of your life! So no more pretexts and get what is yours… and have tons of SEX!!!


What singles do


single man

Single way of life is very different from married people. But really… What is the difference?

Married people use more time to do home chores (cleaning, cooking, shopping and maintenance), drinking, eating, work and social activities but more of the “I have to do it “ order.

On the other hand single people use their time to do other kind of activities. Some are more cultural recreational like reading, and learning other languages; they spend every day at least one hour doing this. In second place comes personal hygiene and grooming like that lovely lotion or the perfect hair style and they spend more time sleeping.

Singles spend more time with other people, not just physically but via email, texting or on the phone. Last but not least they spend more time in social activities with many more people, usually sport related like soccer or foot-ball games or just to have a walk or jogging. They spend almost 6 hours doing these activities and married people spend less than 5.


How to seduce a married woman


It’s not easy to seduce a married woman, but is not that hard either. We in fact have many tricks to get what we want and they will not refused if we play our cards right.

First thing you need to do is to figure out which one is the most willing to get, by this I mean who is not getting all the honey from her husband and is not completely happy. This is how you will learn to identify her.

mujer casada1 1

She looks serious during the morning hours. She looks discouraged in the morning, this could mean that she did not have sex or if she did maybe it was not very good or at least not what she was expecting. This indicates her sex life is little or almost nothing.

Does not dress up or put on make-up anymore. A married woman that do not care much about her image or not as much as she used to could mean that she is in need of something or in this case someone new. An adventure might be what she needs to get that taste for life back again.

She is in a bad mood often. Being upset all the time about little things like quality products at the grocery store, car maintenance, the elevator is too slow or just creating gossip are indicators that her marriage is a mess.

She looks sad or bored. Her lack of interest is evident, she has gained some pounds because she finds food as an exit to her daily routine.

If you find a married woman with one or more of these points you are already one step ahead. Be patient and try to be nice. She needs someone who can be there for her and make her happy. Do not go for “it” immediately. Seduction takes time, she will let you know when she is ready to live the best adventure of her life!


Love is enough?

love enogh

According to experts in romantic relationships:
“The feeling is not enough for a couple to function”
Years ago couples were dating for long years and it took many more to know that person.  Currently the way to meet someone  has changed.

What are the fears that may come to lock you in a relationship?
Most times the fears that block relationship usually always the same, afraid to say “I love you” or “do not want”,  the fear of failure. Rejection is tough and not everyone will feel strong enough to deal with these situations heartbreaks, because neither the mind nor the heart of the person is often used, although it is not the first time you pass by it. There is always past episodes in which  a break- up that has made love suffering and painful hard to forget.

It should also be quite clear that love does not suffer. Individual well-being depends on each of us, if only we choose to be happy or not. If you decide to be in a relationship means that you’ll find love with the stability of both.
To give you an idea of the suffering and pain are not feelings that go together.

Why we are unfaithful?

Unlike men, women do not cheat drives them with sexual pleasure, the reasons for being unfaithful goes far carnal theme.

The causes of infidelity are:
– When you start a relationship eventually lose freedom. Many men think that women are available, they should be home you held, you cannot go out with friends, be beautiful, etc. End up as victims of psychological abusers because mistreat their wives. Do not give them affection or love. But the blame is not all of them but of them that are not enforced. If you find yourself in this situation it is advisable to trust and get in the hands of a professional.
They are caged and finally choose the quickest route, which is cuckolding

Why men are unfaithful?
Different studies show that men are more unfaithful in relationships, but in recent years the statistics are changing. These are some of the reasons are more unfaithful than women.
by nature
Some women who have learned to live well because they have lived since their first relationship or even have seen the relationship of their parents.

Benefits of sex

Have you ever heard someone’s lack of sex? I do, my friends say it often to refer to some of us that is a hell humor. And on second thought, do not lack reason
When you have sex in days, not sure why, headache or any part of the body, laughter vanishes from the face, we are lazy, lack of incentives and nothing stimulates us. If I’m wrong, I say it but I’m sure I’m on track.

Benefits of sex
When a sex partner and I mean sex between two or more people, as they like and not solo masturbation, the heart races so intensely stimulates circulation of blood and blood vessels feel how fluid vital life runs more freely between them. With this information alone is sufficient for the body to feel pleasure and revitalize the whole body, but there’s more.
Incredibly, all the pain they feel, whether of body or soul, diminish or disappear by having sex with someone you like and who feel immense pleasure. This occurs because the pleasure hormones known as endorphins soar and replace the other causing pain and negative feelings. And still not finished, there’s more.
The character, the feeling of joy and good condition, the more creative and more socially positive being is tied directly to the welfare and sex being performed to fully enjoy all that kind of leaves sensations.
If you want to check, I invite you to do a test. Every morning when you get to work, look at your teammates well. Notice that someday, those who are more serious sullen or arrive with a smile that betrays, you had sex and good! and there are also reaching more sullen than other days, it seems that night left them alone and they were disappointed. Be sure to do this, you’ll see that I’m right.

Lingerie for the best look

sexy lingerie

More and more fashion girls know how to dress well and seduce with luxury lingerie and apparel anywhere occasion. The boys snatched by this trend that swept the runways and the most listed firms do not miss an opportunity to get closer to the modern woman and very feminine.
Wearing a bra with shorts and sandals is a perfect combination. So is romantic style blouse with a contrasting color panties with blouse. The heels are imposed on this young and daring look.
A trend that captures the taste of the girls is the classic body, like lace or gauze that display transparencies. It’s great body with hat and booties with an open American neglect, if infartan men dress in such attire, just at parties or on a date with friends!
However, if you do not know the guy with whom you have cited, you must go less now and still not get out your wild side and female. It can be a somewhat conventional man and then try to avoid your inner daring for fear of ridicule you. Once the relationship is consummated, yes you can jaw drop when you go to a scheduled and when both are known appointment. All men will take place as a modern couple, elegant and sensual woman.

Is better a date in your home?

A handsome, charming and gifted host guy can afford the pleasure of quoting at home to a girl that is mad with desire.

Date at home
If she has a commitment requires to meet you in a very safe place, then do not you think your home is the right place? Avoid unnecessary costs of private hotels, very intimate dinners at restaurants that are suitable for these cases and you can do whatever you want because you are in your space to unleash all your eroticism.
If the girl deserves special attention from you, I recommend you order dinner if you have occasion to eat, or you can also conquer with your bartending skills. A good bottle of liquor and a prepared recipe is perfect for you to start the meeting, I assure you it is a plan of conquest that never fails. In internet you can find countless cocktail recipes according to your taste or the girl and drink you choose.
After a few drinks, background music, dim lighting and lots of kisses and caresses, the intimate event will be special and sex becoming the most ardent levels you expect. They like to elaborate on all these things, you will see that your pickup will be economical and yet perfect.

Accessories for Better Sex

sex toys

If you find it a little difficult to excite all you want to reach orgasm with your partner, try the accessories, as there is a vast range of products that stimulate libido and increase desire in a trice.
You can try all you want, as lubricants, dildos, sex toys, oils with seductive aromas, fine sexy lingerie; well, friend, you have at your fingertips the means, otherwise you is for you.
The couple needs sometimes leave the typecasting, and if your guy does not take the initiative, do it yourself! When the relationship begins, do not need anything that stimulates, but time proves that things get boring and sexual inhibition attacks the relationship.
A very good tip is the use of handcuffs, as currently fashionable, and oils that are aided with a body massage all over her naked body. Sex performed with accessories is more fun, spicy and desired.