Do you want to have sex in a public place?

Well I have to say you are not the only one and there are much more people like you thinking about the same thing. Having sex in a public place can be fun


Having these thoughts do not make you special or a pervert. My theory is because we were in the wild for so many centuries that we are used to be exposed while having sex and now we want it deeply in our minds, do not you think so?


There are many examples we can talk about but I am going to share my favorite. Some day you are driving through the countryside and you start to heat up with so much “empty space” where you could be having sex with your better half. If he/she would be with you the most probable thing is that he/she would tell you to stop the car and do it. Most of the people have this same fantasy so next time you are taking a drive with your partner just ask!


Now, we also have some others that are driving and just stop the car and masturbate while watching a dog, cow or horse, not because of the animal but because there could be “eyes” near them.


Why are they so excited? Well the main answer is very simple, they can be discovered at any time and just the thought of it turn them on big time; also the chance of someone watching increase the feeling exponentially .


Certain places are more appealing for stealth romance than others, among the most popular we can mention:

  • Parking lots
  • Parks
  • Malls
  • The backseat in your car
  • The restroom in a bar or restaurant
  • At the movies
  • And the most famous of all in an airplane, bus or train.


Is there a public place that makes you start thinking about sex? Have you done it in one or more of the places we mentioned above?


If so please share with us your experiences and/or fantasies I am sure you will feel good after.

Tener sexo quema calorias?

Yo no he encontrado mejor incentivo para hacer ejercicio que el que les traigo a continuación. Empezando por los básicos y llegando hasta el climax toda la acción nos hace estar mejor física, mental y desde luego espiritualmente. Sin embargo lo que a nosotros nos interesa es la quema de calorías!

A continuación vamos a ir recorriendo paso a paso como nuestro cuerpo desecha y quema calorías de una forma que a todos nos encanta:

­Solo con desvestir a tu pareja puedes llegar a perder 20 calorías, si es sin consentimiento y se resiste un poco más hasta 187 calorías.

­En el orgasmo femenino se pueden perder 35 calorías, ahora y por desgracia si el orgasmo es fingido unas 300 calorías.

­Si el hombre está encima de la chica se pierden 60 calorías, si la mujer está encima (sin erección) unas 50 calorías y si hay una erección unas 75 calorías.

­Llegó la hora de besarse! en promedio un beso ayuda a quemar entre 3 y 5 calorías por minuto, cerca de 120 calorías por hora.

­Los preliminares son ideales para quemar una media de 50 a 100 calorías.

Hacer sexo oral, unas 100 calorías por cada media hora. Wow!

Es la ocasión perfecta para salir a la calle a ligar y poner en práctica todos estos ejercicios, si le añades una noche de baile y coqueteo puedes perder más calorías. Si tienes pareja no lo dudes y hazle un baile sexy y erótico antes y sigue quemando calorías.

Así que si no llegaste al gym por alguna razón aún hay esperanza de perder las calorías del día. Recuerda que la recompensa será inmensamente placentera!

Quema calorias en la cama

Y tu, has bajado esas libritas de más con este método? Envianos un mensaje con más tips si tienes!


Sex in the sauna



Hot and close to each other, two key ingredients to make it a memorable moment in the sauna or any place that invites you to relax and enjoy. Taking advantage of being half naked, in close proximity and already laid down make it very easy to have a moment of passion just pace yourself being at 90F with your better half can make you faint!


How to take women to bed


Shy Man

I like to have sex but I am shy… I have heard this line hundreds of times. To score with a girl you need to have certain attributes that’s for sure. You need to take her to your space, tempt her and offer the idea of having fun but you need to make sure she is getting it or all this will be for nothing. Sometimes they are waiting for you to start it, if you don’t, then both will go home empty handed. So don’t be shy or ashamed remember you have nothing to lose. Don’t rush it make her know you have something she likes and both will enjoy it. One more thing, remember that even that girl you never thought about it can give you the best sex of your life! So no more pretexts and get what is yours… and have tons of SEX!!!


What singles do


single man

Single way of life is very different from married people. But really… What is the difference?

Married people use more time to do home chores (cleaning, cooking, shopping and maintenance), drinking, eating, work and social activities but more of the “I have to do it “ order.

On the other hand single people use their time to do other kind of activities. Some are more cultural recreational like reading, and learning other languages; they spend every day at least one hour doing this. In second place comes personal hygiene and grooming like that lovely lotion or the perfect hair style and they spend more time sleeping.

Singles spend more time with other people, not just physically but via email, texting or on the phone. Last but not least they spend more time in social activities with many more people, usually sport related like soccer or foot-ball games or just to have a walk or jogging. They spend almost 6 hours doing these activities and married people spend less than 5.


How to seduce a married woman


It’s not easy to seduce a married woman, but is not that hard either. We in fact have many tricks to get what we want and they will not refused if we play our cards right.

First thing you need to do is to figure out which one is the most willing to get, by this I mean who is not getting all the honey from her husband and is not completely happy. This is how you will learn to identify her.

mujer casada1 1

She looks serious during the morning hours. She looks discouraged in the morning, this could mean that she did not have sex or if she did maybe it was not very good or at least not what she was expecting. This indicates her sex life is little or almost nothing.

Does not dress up or put on make-up anymore. A married woman that do not care much about her image or not as much as she used to could mean that she is in need of something or in this case someone new. An adventure might be what she needs to get that taste for life back again.

She is in a bad mood often. Being upset all the time about little things like quality products at the grocery store, car maintenance, the elevator is too slow or just creating gossip are indicators that her marriage is a mess.

She looks sad or bored. Her lack of interest is evident, she has gained some pounds because she finds food as an exit to her daily routine.

If you find a married woman with one or more of these points you are already one step ahead. Be patient and try to be nice. She needs someone who can be there for her and make her happy. Do not go for “it” immediately. Seduction takes time, she will let you know when she is ready to live the best adventure of her life!


Points that are positive in sex


Having sex continuously brings a vas tarray of benefits to our body.

Sleep Better

It is proven that having sex  allows you to relax, especially after having agood orgasm. This way you can calm your anxiety and deal withlife’s obstacles lighter.

Excellent immunity

According to research done at Wilkes University (PA), having sex, a few times per week improves the levels of antibody immunoglobulin A. This helps the body defend against disease-producing microorganisms.
For this reason, people who have sex are less likely to suffer from colds, coughs, colds or flu. Not only that but having sex decreases cardiovascular disease. Also sex is an exercise that greatly improves circulation.

Less Pain
Different studies show that enjoying orgasms stimulate the formation of oxytocin, a hormone produced in a specialized area of ​​the brain called thehypothalamus”. That is, it causes a morphine-like effect, causing the body numb and feel less pain, improving our mood.

Other benefits:
Extends the life of the human being, prevent future depressions, allows a significant increase intestosterone production benefits the female body improving fertility,reduces the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer,etc.


Why we are unfaithful?

Unlike men, women do not cheat drives them with sexual pleasure, the reasons for being unfaithful goes far carnal theme.

The causes of infidelity are:
– When you start a relationship eventually lose freedom. Many men think that women are available, they should be home you held, you cannot go out with friends, be beautiful, etc. End up as victims of psychological abusers because mistreat their wives. Do not give them affection or love. But the blame is not all of them but of them that are not enforced. If you find yourself in this situation it is advisable to trust and get in the hands of a professional.
They are caged and finally choose the quickest route, which is cuckolding

Why men are unfaithful?
Different studies show that men are more unfaithful in relationships, but in recent years the statistics are changing. These are some of the reasons are more unfaithful than women.
by nature
Some women who have learned to live well because they have lived since their first relationship or even have seen the relationship of their parents.

Make a man get in love in bed

To love a man in bed must seduce a very romantic way. It is very important to enlist the room romantically for when you’re alone with your man. You can light some scented candles and play soft music and pleasant APRA him feel relaxed when entering the room. Not only women love romance and this would be a great way to create a sexy atmosphere.
Surprisingly-provoke him
Men do love being surprised by his wife when they have sex, and a great way to do this would be to give them oral sex. If you tell him you want to give pleasure with your mouth, he will please and excite quickly gesture from you.

Make a man get in love in bed

Make a man get in love in bed

-Find your exciting point
You can cause a great pleasure to you caress your man if you are in the area located between the testicles and anus. This area contains many nerves that certainly will cause him a pleasure that has probably ever felt. You could suggest it and see how if feels so.
-Enter sex toys
So that manage to have a wonderful orgasm you could sustain a vibrator on your clitoris while he penetrates you. Take your time and tell your man you have feelings for him becoming more comfortable with the idea of ​​using vibrators. You can also drink a glass of champagne. Games and sexual fantasies…

Tantric Massage

Is inspired by Hindu philosophy and it is a ritual of stroking erotic zones to achieve spiritual balance. You can start standing up or lying down, standing before a mirror that allows the body to identify with the couple. Each stroking himself and go making contact with another anointing with aromatic oils. Use drinks like wine, juice, etc.., To give food to the couple as well go all the way to raise awareness and become more receptive to pleasure, start stroking each other’s genitals guiding hand of the couple areas where provide more pleasure to everyone. As more excitement, should breathe deeply to keep control of the genitals during orgasm, tighten the muscles of the buttocks to enhance and prolong the pleasure as long. Inspired by the belief that in the body there is an energy field of twelve meridians that channel the sexual energy to increase welfare.

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Sit on your ankles or squatting in front of your partner’s head (on her back). Make stretching skin, place your hands inside the ankles and slides his fingers slowly caress up from the calves to the thighs. Pose your hands in the center of the sternum and slowly toward the pubic bone slide them separate them through the bones of the hips, up the side, armpit and chest to the breastbone.