How to take women to bed


Shy Man

I like to have sex but I am shy… I have heard this line hundreds of times. To score with a girl you need to have certain attributes that’s for sure. You need to take her to your space, tempt her and offer the idea of having fun but you need to make sure she is getting it or all this will be for nothing. Sometimes they are waiting for you to start it, if you don’t, then both will go home empty handed. So don’t be shy or ashamed remember you have nothing to lose. Don’t rush it make her know you have something she likes and both will enjoy it. One more thing, remember that even that girl you never thought about it can give you the best sex of your life! So no more pretexts and get what is yours… and have tons of SEX!!!


Points that are positive in sex


Having sex continuously brings a vas tarray of benefits to our body.

Sleep Better

It is proven that having sex  allows you to relax, especially after having agood orgasm. This way you can calm your anxiety and deal withlife’s obstacles lighter.

Excellent immunity

According to research done at Wilkes University (PA), having sex, a few times per week improves the levels of antibody immunoglobulin A. This helps the body defend against disease-producing microorganisms.
For this reason, people who have sex are less likely to suffer from colds, coughs, colds or flu. Not only that but having sex decreases cardiovascular disease. Also sex is an exercise that greatly improves circulation.

Less Pain
Different studies show that enjoying orgasms stimulate the formation of oxytocin, a hormone produced in a specialized area of ​​the brain called thehypothalamus”. That is, it causes a morphine-like effect, causing the body numb and feel less pain, improving our mood.

Other benefits:
Extends the life of the human being, prevent future depressions, allows a significant increase intestosterone production benefits the female body improving fertility,reduces the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer,etc.


Benefits of sex

Have you ever heard someone’s lack of sex? I do, my friends say it often to refer to some of us that is a hell humor. And on second thought, do not lack reason
When you have sex in days, not sure why, headache or any part of the body, laughter vanishes from the face, we are lazy, lack of incentives and nothing stimulates us. If I’m wrong, I say it but I’m sure I’m on track.

Benefits of sex
When a sex partner and I mean sex between two or more people, as they like and not solo masturbation, the heart races so intensely stimulates circulation of blood and blood vessels feel how fluid vital life runs more freely between them. With this information alone is sufficient for the body to feel pleasure and revitalize the whole body, but there’s more.
Incredibly, all the pain they feel, whether of body or soul, diminish or disappear by having sex with someone you like and who feel immense pleasure. This occurs because the pleasure hormones known as endorphins soar and replace the other causing pain and negative feelings. And still not finished, there’s more.
The character, the feeling of joy and good condition, the more creative and more socially positive being is tied directly to the welfare and sex being performed to fully enjoy all that kind of leaves sensations.
If you want to check, I invite you to do a test. Every morning when you get to work, look at your teammates well. Notice that someday, those who are more serious sullen or arrive with a smile that betrays, you had sex and good! and there are also reaching more sullen than other days, it seems that night left them alone and they were disappointed. Be sure to do this, you’ll see that I’m right.