Always the same

Your sex life has become a routine and now is always the same and you feel its going to be like this for a long period of time? Well this happens when you do it the same way always! When you do something (anything) the same way every time it will become automatic eventually and you will start losing interest.

If you want to enjoy sex again you need to act fast and innovate and there are tons of things you can do to change or break the routine; simple things like changing the time or place, add toys or if you are more adventurous you can try making some fantasies (yours and his) a reality… just innovate!

Couple on deck

  • Surprise your partner. Create a situation where you both have to participate and if you do not know where to start here are o couple of ideas for you.
  • Hot lingerie could be a good start: leave your partner breathless, if you are getting some outfit perform the roll completely; nurse, teacher, or a wild animal play the role and do it all the way!  
  • Music is always a turn on: You are probably too young to know this but look for the 9 ½ weeks soundtrack, you can even search for the video using (9 ½ weeks striptease) and perform it, he will love it and the temperature will raise in a split second!
  • Strip-Poker: who does not like playing poker right? well if you add a little extra or should I say take off something at a time it will make it even more enjoyable for both and as the game continues the desire will grow as the clothes began to fall. If you do not like poker there are thousand other games you can play.
  • Kamasutra: probably you do not have a copy at home, if you do pick few positions you may want to try and ask your partner… it never fails!! If you do not have a copy just go to the internet and print some samples you like.

Have you ever done anything like this? If not let us now if it worked for you.

Tips for driving your girl

cold like ice

If sometimes your girl is colder than ice and you look like a volcano about to explode, you have to play several letters to provoke erotic desires and take sex as soon as possible. These tips might help you in times of stress:
Kissing you behind your neck while you grab her by the waist.
Convey fingers gently over her lips and look provocatively.
Shower and bath salt wet wrapped the small towel with only the pelvis.
Go to the fridge and looking for an ice cream, candy or fruit that you really like. Bring it to where you are and make you eat little bits of your hands as you look with desire.
Prepare drinks favorite drink of both.
Ask her to see a very sexy movie.
– Become the disengaged and calling by mobile to a loving friend.
If all else fails, grab your wallet and give her two tickets 100 euros for those shoes that you liked so much in the store, buy. My friend, this is the last resort, but I assure you that never fails!