Always the same

Your sex life has become a routine and now is always the same and you feel its going to be like this for a long period of time? Well this happens when you do it the same way always! When you do something (anything) the same way every time it will become automatic eventually and you will start losing interest.

If you want to enjoy sex again you need to act fast and innovate and there are tons of things you can do to change or break the routine; simple things like changing the time or place, add toys or if you are more adventurous you can try making some fantasies (yours and his) a reality… just innovate!

Couple on deck

  • Surprise your partner. Create a situation where you both have to participate and if you do not know where to start here are o couple of ideas for you.
  • Hot lingerie could be a good start: leave your partner breathless, if you are getting some outfit perform the roll completely; nurse, teacher, or a wild animal play the role and do it all the way!  
  • Music is always a turn on: You are probably too young to know this but look for the 9 ½ weeks soundtrack, you can even search for the video using (9 ½ weeks striptease) and perform it, he will love it and the temperature will raise in a split second!
  • Strip-Poker: who does not like playing poker right? well if you add a little extra or should I say take off something at a time it will make it even more enjoyable for both and as the game continues the desire will grow as the clothes began to fall. If you do not like poker there are thousand other games you can play.
  • Kamasutra: probably you do not have a copy at home, if you do pick few positions you may want to try and ask your partner… it never fails!! If you do not have a copy just go to the internet and print some samples you like.

Have you ever done anything like this? If not let us now if it worked for you.

Lingerie for the best look

sexy lingerie

More and more fashion girls know how to dress well and seduce with luxury lingerie and apparel anywhere occasion. The boys snatched by this trend that swept the runways and the most listed firms do not miss an opportunity to get closer to the modern woman and very feminine.
Wearing a bra with shorts and sandals is a perfect combination. So is romantic style blouse with a contrasting color panties with blouse. The heels are imposed on this young and daring look.
A trend that captures the taste of the girls is the classic body, like lace or gauze that display transparencies. It’s great body with hat and booties with an open American neglect, if infartan men dress in such attire, just at parties or on a date with friends!
However, if you do not know the guy with whom you have cited, you must go less now and still not get out your wild side and female. It can be a somewhat conventional man and then try to avoid your inner daring for fear of ridicule you. Once the relationship is consummated, yes you can jaw drop when you go to a scheduled and when both are known appointment. All men will take place as a modern couple, elegant and sensual woman.

Take off your clothes and become slim

If you want to lose weight in a simple, easy and sexy way just surprise your partner with a nice striptease dance.
The underwear you use should be a mix of styles. We all know that lingerie tells a lot about the personality of woman, but do not forget that the dance is aimed at another person. Clothing and accessories should be a mix of both you and your partner’s styles.
Regarding the music, you must let your imagination flow. Slow songs are always sexier, you can always choose a bossa-nova rhythm and your partner will melt.



Do not forget the dance and do not think it is the most important part because it is not, if all other elements flow in line you will not have any problem with your performance. Take off your clothes very slowly andwith very slow movements, never stop looking into his eyes and never laugh under any circumstances, laughing at this moment is totally negative and can cool down all the sexual tension that can be perceived through all five senses.
The details are very important in these moments, therefore we advise you to take care of your physical appearance and wax those hot areas of your body and apply yourself some aromatic oil.
Do not hesitate and try it you will feel desired.