Always the same

Your sex life has become a routine and now is always the same and you feel its going to be like this for a long period of time? Well this happens when you do it the same way always! When you do something (anything) the same way every time it will become automatic eventually and you will start losing interest.

If you want to enjoy sex again you need to act fast and innovate and there are tons of things you can do to change or break the routine; simple things like changing the time or place, add toys or if you are more adventurous you can try making some fantasies (yours and his) a reality… just innovate!

Couple on deck

  • Surprise your partner. Create a situation where you both have to participate and if you do not know where to start here are o couple of ideas for you.
  • Hot lingerie could be a good start: leave your partner breathless, if you are getting some outfit perform the roll completely; nurse, teacher, or a wild animal play the role and do it all the way!  
  • Music is always a turn on: You are probably too young to know this but look for the 9 ½ weeks soundtrack, you can even search for the video using (9 ½ weeks striptease) and perform it, he will love it and the temperature will raise in a split second!
  • Strip-Poker: who does not like playing poker right? well if you add a little extra or should I say take off something at a time it will make it even more enjoyable for both and as the game continues the desire will grow as the clothes began to fall. If you do not like poker there are thousand other games you can play.
  • Kamasutra: probably you do not have a copy at home, if you do pick few positions you may want to try and ask your partner… it never fails!! If you do not have a copy just go to the internet and print some samples you like.

Have you ever done anything like this? If not let us now if it worked for you.

Love is enough?

love enogh

According to experts in romantic relationships:
“The feeling is not enough for a couple to function”
Years ago couples were dating for long years and it took many more to know that person.  Currently the way to meet someone  has changed.

What are the fears that may come to lock you in a relationship?
Most times the fears that block relationship usually always the same, afraid to say “I love you” or “do not want”,  the fear of failure. Rejection is tough and not everyone will feel strong enough to deal with these situations heartbreaks, because neither the mind nor the heart of the person is often used, although it is not the first time you pass by it. There is always past episodes in which  a break- up that has made love suffering and painful hard to forget.

It should also be quite clear that love does not suffer. Individual well-being depends on each of us, if only we choose to be happy or not. If you decide to be in a relationship means that you’ll find love with the stability of both.
To give you an idea of the suffering and pain are not feelings that go together.

Why we are unfaithful?

Unlike men, women do not cheat drives them with sexual pleasure, the reasons for being unfaithful goes far carnal theme.

The causes of infidelity are:
– When you start a relationship eventually lose freedom. Many men think that women are available, they should be home you held, you cannot go out with friends, be beautiful, etc. End up as victims of psychological abusers because mistreat their wives. Do not give them affection or love. But the blame is not all of them but of them that are not enforced. If you find yourself in this situation it is advisable to trust and get in the hands of a professional.
They are caged and finally choose the quickest route, which is cuckolding

Why men are unfaithful?
Different studies show that men are more unfaithful in relationships, but in recent years the statistics are changing. These are some of the reasons are more unfaithful than women.
by nature
Some women who have learned to live well because they have lived since their first relationship or even have seen the relationship of their parents.

How to make love with two men?

At least one in ten women has a sexual fantasy of sleeping with two men at the same time, however, before moving on to the cot many questions. Would you dare to do it?

How to make love with two men?

How to make love with two men?

Having sex with two men at once
First keep in mind that you cannot make sexual fantasies at the expense of any price really. We must accept that reality does not equal the fantasy, so maybe this will not be satisfactory. This is an imaginary need to feed our sexual excitement, so do not be confused with the fact carry out an erotic desire. Even if everything goes as planned, these adventures will feed your sexual imagination for long.

First you must make sure you want it too, not just your partner. This is not to take the step to give pleasure. Nor do you need to give more life to your sexuality or your cause envy amias. Because if some earlier, this experience could become just a failure. If you’re not convinced you can try other things like the top 100 positions of Kamasutra.

Tricks of male seduction

Seducing men is worth a thousand tricks to trap women. If you want to survive and maintain your independence, avoid falling into them.
Believe it or not, the male part of the world knows what we want from them, or at least, what we like most of all, and that they pretend is not difficult. Yes, friends, have an amazing ability to lie, therefore, be alert to your relationship.


The seductive man is incredibly perfect. Is gallant, affectionate, makes gifts, going well dressed, invites the best restaurants, converse all know, do not speak ill of women, is responsible and willing to help in whatever. It has a solvent economy, doing sports, has influential friends and wanted to find a girl exactly like you, which looked in a while.
With that profile … no one can resist, of course! But careful, very careful! Lying with frightening ease, just looking to earn in any way and they know that in this way you have on your side.