Love is enough?

love enogh

According to experts in romantic relationships:
“The feeling is not enough for a couple to function”
Years ago couples were dating for long years and it took many more to know that person.  Currently the way to meet someone  has changed.

What are the fears that may come to lock you in a relationship?
Most times the fears that block relationship usually always the same, afraid to say “I love you” or “do not want”,  the fear of failure. Rejection is tough and not everyone will feel strong enough to deal with these situations heartbreaks, because neither the mind nor the heart of the person is often used, although it is not the first time you pass by it. There is always past episodes in which  a break- up that has made love suffering and painful hard to forget.

It should also be quite clear that love does not suffer. Individual well-being depends on each of us, if only we choose to be happy or not. If you decide to be in a relationship means that you’ll find love with the stability of both.
To give you an idea of the suffering and pain are not feelings that go together.

Lingerie for the best look

sexy lingerie

More and more fashion girls know how to dress well and seduce with luxury lingerie and apparel anywhere occasion. The boys snatched by this trend that swept the runways and the most listed firms do not miss an opportunity to get closer to the modern woman and very feminine.
Wearing a bra with shorts and sandals is a perfect combination. So is romantic style blouse with a contrasting color panties with blouse. The heels are imposed on this young and daring look.
A trend that captures the taste of the girls is the classic body, like lace or gauze that display transparencies. It’s great body with hat and booties with an open American neglect, if infartan men dress in such attire, just at parties or on a date with friends!
However, if you do not know the guy with whom you have cited, you must go less now and still not get out your wild side and female. It can be a somewhat conventional man and then try to avoid your inner daring for fear of ridicule you. Once the relationship is consummated, yes you can jaw drop when you go to a scheduled and when both are known appointment. All men will take place as a modern couple, elegant and sensual woman.

3 Tips against routine in a couple



In your head hovering some words that express your feelings: monotony, tedium, boredom, apathy, routine.. All lead to the same path, the annihilation of your relationship.
According to some psychologists, is not the show a third person who makes it all go belly up, but this “lady routine” lacerating going slowly and opening gaps where after enter any fresh air.
Stay alert. It is the first key to your partner does not fall into the boredom that destroys everything. You detect the slightest symptom, Strikes in time.
Find new risks, be creative / a. Pigeonhole relationship in the same pattern is the death of sexual desire. Dare to seek new forms of sex, daily life and invents various situations. All got bored though we be good, why change from time to time is positive.
Dare to seek experiences in internet or friends / as. Walking alone with problems is not good because it tends to pigeonhole. Explore how others succeed is a good idea when you do not know way to return to continue the illusion of the couple.

How to attract a girl

Being a handsome man is not enough for a girl to be interested in you. She may look at you, smile at and even blink her eye at you. These are signs that she likes you as a man and they (women) see it as a stimulus to their eyes because they like to watch the beauty around them. They are, How to say this? Different from us!
For us (men), it is enough to be interested in a girl and imagine her naked on our bed or anywhere, how cool! This is the man’s psyche. Let see the female psyche as a couple.
For a man to be worthy to go with a girl by the arm and take her to bed, they need to show:
romantic but good in bed

Attractive appearance. Being a clean and groomed, well dressed, use deodorant, wear manly scent but not too much, shoes clean and shiny if possible and a beard no more than three days long, which, by the way, is today’s most sexy sign of masculinity.


Demonstrate independence. Independent men do not need (or so it seems at first sight) a female partner. Their needs seem to be different. They show charisma, self-esteem and want to be winners, no doubt girls want this guy as a couple. Even if you’re a great guy that girls like you on the streets, girls like to have a guy with confidence to feel secure in your world with you.

Flirting today it is becoming difficult for many of us, follow these tips and you’ll see it works.

Romantic but active in bed

Who is not looking forward to date this romantic, crazy, seemingly loving guy that tells you “honey or babyand promises “the best date of your life” well, there is nothing new here. Who among us can resist this charming guy?

I would too: a handsome, loving and promising to “make us happy” man, is not to waste the opportunity, but assured that this meek lamb will come out in private with sharp claws!

romantic but good in bed

When you go on a blind date, you need to know what this man is really thinking. First of all, if you are not convinced going on a blind date or if you do not distinguish his true intentions, there are several things you can do:
– Never say where you live.
– Mix subtle suggestions in the conversation like; you are not alone, like that you have a father, brother or friend near who cares about you. All men in the end are cowards and are afraid of another man who comes to defend women.

-Never lock the doors, no matter where you are meeting.
– Be prepared to stop anything you do not like, or you think is going over your top, stop it quickly.
– Let your friends know where you are going, tell them how he looks like and as much information as possible about him


Cases of sexual violence in relationships have happened on many occasions, but this does not mean that they all are same. Moreover, many of those who have tried to do what a girl do not want and have been stopped immediately, actually stopped. So, be very clear on what you want, do not continue and you will see all ends fine.

Another good advice, if you meet someone in websites like take your time to know him better, this loving and accommodating guy that promises heaven while having sex. Will gradually become the “real” him and if you do not like it, erase him from your contacts. But if you like it, then go for it and have fun.