Do you want to have sex in a public place?

Well I have to say you are not the only one and there are much more people like you thinking about the same thing. Having sex in a public place can be fun


Having these thoughts do not make you special or a pervert. My theory is because we were in the wild for so many centuries that we are used to be exposed while having sex and now we want it deeply in our minds, do not you think so?


There are many examples we can talk about but I am going to share my favorite. Some day you are driving through the countryside and you start to heat up with so much “empty space” where you could be having sex with your better half. If he/she would be with you the most probable thing is that he/she would tell you to stop the car and do it. Most of the people have this same fantasy so next time you are taking a drive with your partner just ask!


Now, we also have some others that are driving and just stop the car and masturbate while watching a dog, cow or horse, not because of the animal but because there could be “eyes” near them.


Why are they so excited? Well the main answer is very simple, they can be discovered at any time and just the thought of it turn them on big time; also the chance of someone watching increase the feeling exponentially .


Certain places are more appealing for stealth romance than others, among the most popular we can mention:

  • Parking lots
  • Parks
  • Malls
  • The backseat in your car
  • The restroom in a bar or restaurant
  • At the movies
  • And the most famous of all in an airplane, bus or train.


Is there a public place that makes you start thinking about sex? Have you done it in one or more of the places we mentioned above?


If so please share with us your experiences and/or fantasies I am sure you will feel good after.

Tener sexo quema calorias?

Yo no he encontrado mejor incentivo para hacer ejercicio que el que les traigo a continuación. Empezando por los básicos y llegando hasta el climax toda la acción nos hace estar mejor física, mental y desde luego espiritualmente. Sin embargo lo que a nosotros nos interesa es la quema de calorías!

A continuación vamos a ir recorriendo paso a paso como nuestro cuerpo desecha y quema calorías de una forma que a todos nos encanta:

­Solo con desvestir a tu pareja puedes llegar a perder 20 calorías, si es sin consentimiento y se resiste un poco más hasta 187 calorías.

­En el orgasmo femenino se pueden perder 35 calorías, ahora y por desgracia si el orgasmo es fingido unas 300 calorías.

­Si el hombre está encima de la chica se pierden 60 calorías, si la mujer está encima (sin erección) unas 50 calorías y si hay una erección unas 75 calorías.

­Llegó la hora de besarse! en promedio un beso ayuda a quemar entre 3 y 5 calorías por minuto, cerca de 120 calorías por hora.

­Los preliminares son ideales para quemar una media de 50 a 100 calorías.

Hacer sexo oral, unas 100 calorías por cada media hora. Wow!

Es la ocasión perfecta para salir a la calle a ligar y poner en práctica todos estos ejercicios, si le añades una noche de baile y coqueteo puedes perder más calorías. Si tienes pareja no lo dudes y hazle un baile sexy y erótico antes y sigue quemando calorías.

Así que si no llegaste al gym por alguna razón aún hay esperanza de perder las calorías del día. Recuerda que la recompensa será inmensamente placentera!

Quema calorias en la cama

Y tu, has bajado esas libritas de más con este método? Envianos un mensaje con más tips si tienes!


How to take women to bed


Shy Man

I like to have sex but I am shy… I have heard this line hundreds of times. To score with a girl you need to have certain attributes that’s for sure. You need to take her to your space, tempt her and offer the idea of having fun but you need to make sure she is getting it or all this will be for nothing. Sometimes they are waiting for you to start it, if you don’t, then both will go home empty handed. So don’t be shy or ashamed remember you have nothing to lose. Don’t rush it make her know you have something she likes and both will enjoy it. One more thing, remember that even that girl you never thought about it can give you the best sex of your life! So no more pretexts and get what is yours… and have tons of SEX!!!


I am unoriginal in sex


bean good at sex

Here we present an ideal opportunity to make love and enjoy both equally posture. No need to own a stunning acrobatic techniques but certain physical condition.
The name of the position is Fire of Life.
Follow the steps:
Her: Sit on the edge of the table.
Him: Stay in front of it with slightly bowed legs.
Her: Hang on to your neck and legs enzymes raises her shoulders.
Him: Hold on to your butt and get moving to the beat that you like.
The sensations you will feel amazing in this position you will repeat the evening.

The cigarette afterwards.


A time ends fucking not forget the feelings that made you feel this couple before starting sex. That butterflies in the stomach, nervousness, apprehension, attraction, lust, heat

Cigarrette after love
At the end of the day we are all equal and all people like to feel the same sensations. Although we do not want, all human beings are made of the same stuff and just feeling the same to one degree or another. For this reason , when you finish making love with someone you have senses all those feelings is comforting to continue the pampering , caressing , kissing and all loving gestures. This behavior will cause end the date with a very good taste and it sure is repeated.
Possibly the nature of women is more delicate and subtle than man, more appreciate why these little details. Also reflects an attention from the man who shows his affection, education and respect.
What do you prefer to end on a sweet smelling mouth or snuff?